Donate your suitcase

Donate your suitcase

Een man met koffer, gefotografeerd door Sarah van Rij

FENIX is looking for suitcases – a huge number of suitcases. These cases will be the building blocks for a large maze you will be able to walk through when FENIX opens. All suitcases are welcome.

All shapes and sizes are welcome!

Maybe you have a suitcase in your house that belongs to you, a family member or someone you know. To someone who left for a new life or on a great journey. A suitcase that reveals stories about their owner, or former owner. For instance, because they are covered with labels that say something about the destination or the transport company. By now we have received over five hundred cases. These range from large leather trunks with elaborate embellishment to worn old cases covered in stickers.

Een vrouw met drie koffers, foto: Sarah van Rij
Koffer gefotografeerd door Sarah van Rij