Meet Alan and Remsley

Meet Alan and Remsley

Portret van Remsley

The restoration of Fenix Warehouse II is in full swing. Eighteen months was spent working on the 127-metre-long south façade of the building. Alan van Thijs and Remsley Eisden blasted the old concrete clean and then applied the new cement plaster by hand: a precision job.

Portret van Alan

Alan and Remsley both arrived in the Netherlands from Curaçao, and have been working together for thirteen years. In the video below, they talk about their work, being homesick and what Curaçao means to them.

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“Kadushi, cactus soup, that reminds me of Curaçao. When I eat the soup, I think of my childhood.”
- Remsley Eisden
“I was 26 years old when I arrived in the Netherlands, together with my wife and my eldest son. On Curaçao I built houses. When I cruise around my island, I see a lot of houses that I built.”
- Alan van Thijs