Your Suitcase in the Collection

Your Suitcase in the Collection

Kofferdonateur FENIX - Mark Bolk

This is Isis with her great-grandmother's suitcase. FENIX welcomed her suitcase to the collection as a building block for a unique suitcase maze.

Do you want your suitcase and its stories to be preserved in our collection for the future, just like Isis?

Special announcement: the FENIX team will visit New York and Halifax to collect suitcases. Did you or your family cruised through the Atlantic and want your story to be part of the museum?
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Kofferdonateur FENIX - Mark Bolk
This suitcase has brought me so much happiness. Anisa
Kofferdonateur FENIX
The suitcase of my great-uncle and great-aunt is my treasure. Daisy

All shapes and sizes are welcome!

FENIX is looking for suitcases with special stories. This ranges from large leather trunks with rich fittings, to worn-out suitcases covered with stickers.

We have received almost two thousand suitcases and yours can be part of our collection too.

Maze of Suitcases

Anisa close-up

What happens to your donated suitcase? Your donation could be chosen to be a building block for a special maze of suitcases in the museum. The maze shows what it can mean to pack your suitcase. As a suitcase donor, we would of course like to keep you informed and invite you to be the first to visit the maze in 2024.