In the collection: Remember Me

In the collection: Remember Me

Remember Me (2016) is een installatie van neon sculpturen, gemaakt door kunstenaar Steve McQueen. De sculpturen bestaan elk uit de woorden ‘remember me’, in verschillende handschriften.

Remember Me (2016) is an installation of neon sculptures created by artist Steve McQueen. The sculptures each consist of the words ‘remember me’ in different handwriting.

Although every neon sculpture repeats exactly the same two words, each one has its own character. There is a wide variety of handwriting, ranging from childlike, elegant and shaky to almost illegible scribbles. The people who wrote the words call, beg, or whisper through the neon sculptures: remember me!

FENIX will soon feature eighteen of these neon sculptures. Together they fill an entire wall. The installation points out the human right to be seen, gives a voice to forgotten people and is a space for remembrance.

FENIX 2025

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