Navigators FENIX 2024 (unframed)

FENIX presents the Navigators. The Navigators make up FENIX's advisory board and includes Pete Wu, Khadija Arib, Ernest van der Kwast, Naema Tahir, Nizar El Manouzi, Matea Šafar, Sheila Sitalsing and Çiğdem Yüksel.

Meet the Navigators

Navigators FENIX_2024_foto Mark Bolk

The Navigators provide advice on important topics that impact the development of the museum based on their expertise, experiences and background. They inspire and set the course with us towards the opening in 2025.

Director of FENIX Anne Kremers: “You cannot build a new museum alone. We have valuable conversations with this fantastic group of people. The input from their different perspectives and expertise is indispensable for the development of FENIX.”