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FENIX Suitcase Maze

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Built with over 2,000 donated suitcases and stories, the FENIX Suitcase Maze is one of the largest installations in the museum.

With its corridors of suitcases, this giant metaphor will arrive at Rotterdam to share different stories of migration.

For many, moving to find a home is uncertain. By stepping into its intricate network with different paths, the maze shows what it can mean to begin an unknown journey without a clear or final destination.

Attention: Suitcase donations are now closed. We thank all donors for their meaningful contribution.

Donated Suitcases: 2,000

Suitcase Tour

The bricks that build the walls of the FENIX Suitcase Maze are real suitcases.

The 2,000 suitcases in the maze were donated by people from all over the world. Before FENIX opens its doors in 2025, the team toured throughout the Netherlands, the United States of America and Canada to collect suitcases and meet the people behind their stories.

From all the suitcases that were donated, a selection of heart-warming stories will be highlighted inside the maze.

'Because of its history, the suitcase is like my great treasure. I would like others to see and hear the suitcase's story. That is why I am happy to donate it to FENIX.’
- Daisy

Why Suitcases?

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Before departing home, one is supposed to pack an entire life in a suitcase.

Inevitably, whether the suitcase is big, small, broken, rectangular or circular, these companions of journeys have become gateways to connect with the past. This is because more than carrying personal possessions, a suitcase transports and protects stories and memories.