Suitcase stories: Arie's journey by Jeroen Krul

Suitcase stories: Arie's journey by Jeroen Krul

Gezin Obschlager

Many of the suitcases that are part of the FENIX collection tell a story about their owner. Like the suitcases belonging to Arie and his family. The Obschlager family arrived at the Lloydkade in Rotterdam from Indonesia in 1959. Illustrator Jeroen Krul depicted the suitcases’ travel story in four drawings.

Fotoboek I. Obschlager.jpg

In October 1959, the Sibajak docked at Rotterdam’s Lloydkade after sailing from Indonesia. Arie set foot on Dutch soil for the first time with his daughter Ingrid, son Adrie and wife Berendina.

Before leaving, the family had to chose whether to opt for an Indonesian citizenship or Dutch nationality.