In the collection: Diaspora

In the collection: Diaspora

Omar Victor Diop - Diaspora, Omar Ibn Said

With the series Diaspora (2014), photographer Omar Victor Diop created new versions of paintings and drawings from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Through the photos, where he himself can be seen, he shines light on an often-forgotten history and makes a link with the present.

Omar Victor Diop - Diaspora, Albert Badin
Omar Victor Diop - Diaspora
Omar Victor Diop - Diaspora, detail

The original paintings are portraits of Albert Badin, Omar Ibn Saïd, Don Miguel de Castro, Angelo Soliman and August Sabac el Cher. All five came from Africa, and each in a different way played an important role in the history of Europe. Diop pays homage to these underexposed stories with Diaspora.

At the same time, Diop makes a link with the present. He does this in a subtle way: each photo incorporates an object that has to do with football, like a red card or goalkeeper’s gloves.

“Football is an interesting global phenomenon that for me often reveals where society is in terms of race. When you look at the way that the African football royalty is perceived in Europe, there is an interesting blend of glory, hero-worship and exclusion.”
- Omar Victor Diop
Omar Victor Diop - Diaspora
Angelo Soliman in 1750

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