Meet Loes

Meet Loes

Loes met bouwhelm in de Fenixloods II

The restoration of FENIX is in full swing. One of the people working on the restoration is Loes de Jong. She is doing an internship with main contractor Dura Vermeer.

Loes aan het werk in de Fenixloods II

From an early age, Loes enjoyed building, adapting and changing things. She was forever building houses, towns and villages in the Sims computer game, and this inspired her to study architecture at TU Delft.

Loes provides support to the work preparation, checks construction drawings and maintains a 3D model of FENIX. Soon she will say goodbye to this cultural destination to start her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. In the video you'll find below, made by Rotterdam filmmakers Gregg Telussa and Debbie Kleijn, Loes talks about her passion for buildings and her connection with FENIX.

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“FENIX has played a decisive role in the choices I’ve made. We are inextricably linked. FENIX will always have a special place in my heart.”
- Loes de Jong