In the collection: L'Âge d'Or

In the collection: L'Âge d'Or

L'Age d'Or, Gavin Turk, 2019 - op de Kop van de Wilhelminapier

L’Âge d'Or (2019) is a huge door of painted bronze, created by visual artist Gavin Turk. The artwork is located at the head of the Wilhelmina Pier, opposite the FENIX and in front of Hotel New York – the former headquarters of the Holland America Line.

L'Âge d'Or, Gavin Turk, 2019 - Kop van de Wilhelminapier

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, more than three million emigrants set out from Rotterdam’s quays for a world unknown to them. On the Wilhelmina Pier, they boarded a ship that took them to a new life. They went to the other side of the ocean in search of happiness.

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The larger-than-life door is ajar, providing a view of the River Maas, the North Sea and the Atlantic crossing. The work challenges people to fantasise about an unknown future, about new possibilities.

L’Âge d'Or by Gavin Turk is always open. Everyone is welcome to step through the door on their way to freedom, imagination and a new beginning.

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