Lamya's recipe for harise

Lamya's recipe for harise


Zainab always looks forward to seeing her parents and enjoying a good meal together. “My aunt can make harise, but when it comes out of my mum’s oven, it really tastes the best,” says Zainab. “A bite of harise makes me truly happy.”

Harise is always good

Amandelen en suikersiroop voor harise

In Aleppo, where Zainab’s mother was born, the dish is a must at parties and gatherings. From weddings to funerals, there’s always harise.

A mug as measuring cup

Twee citroenen, foto: Kevita Junior

Lamya, Zainab’s mother, uses a green plastic mug as a measuring cup. It’s all about the proportions – exact weights are not important. There are countless possible variations, such as adding a spoonful of honey to the sugar syrup or not. However, Lamya is not likely to be using honey. You can’t compare the honey here to the honey in Syria: “We kept our own bees there.”

“Harise is always good. It’s like baklava. As a dessert or with coffee and tea. You never eat harise alone. You don’t cut it until all the guests have arrived.”
- Zainab Dahly