In the collection: Space Refugee

In the collection: Space Refugee

Omar Imam

“I feel at home whenever I am with my daughter Bianca. Being with the people you love, that is what home is for me.” This is how visual artist Omar Imam describes what home means to him. Omar’s sculpture Space Refugee (2019) is part of the FENIX collection.

Detail van Space Refugee, Omar Imam, 2019

Space Refugee is a sculpture 3.4 metres high. A father and daughter are sitting on a huge space hopper, executed in manga style. As a ‘weapon’, these two superheroes are carrying a large blue lollipop.

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Portret Omar Imam

Omar Imam uses humour and imagination to create a world of his own. In the Space Refugee world, he and his daughter Bianca can travel through space and time. Home in this world is not connected to a place. Home is where you can live with your loved ones. Home is where father and daughter move around on a space hopper.

“I'm a fan of comics and anime, but I found out that we don’t have a superhero who is a refugee, so I made a manga version of me and my daughter. We are sitting on a huge space hopper travelling in space and time.”
- Omar Imam

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