Your family object in FENIX?

Would you like to share your story with me?

Elizar Veerman

In 2025, FENIX will open in the historic Fenix Warehouse II in Rotterdam. FENIX is the quintessential location of departure and arrival. From the quays surrounding this harbour warehouse, millions of Europeans departed and just as many people arrived from all over the world. Fleeing war or chasing love. Looking for happiness or better opportunities. FENIX tells all these stories using contemporary art, photography, historical items and personal objects.

Elizar Veerman

My name is Selinay Sucu. I am looking for personal objects for the FENIX museum collection that tell a story about the time you moved, fled or travelled to another place. These objects will ultimately be exhibited at the museum.

Your object in our collection

Elizar Veerman

Here you can see me with my grandfather’s board game. A handmade tavla, better known as backgammon. My grandfather liked to play this with family, friends and neighbours. He came to the Netherlands in the 1960s as a guest worker from Turkey. The game brings back fond memories of my grandfather and it reminds me of everything he went through.

Do you also have an object that relates to your family’s roots or tells a story about a journey you have made? An object that symbolises your own new beginning, departure, flight or adventure? And do you want to share your story? Please read further!

I am looking for:

Elizar Veerman

3D objects. For instance, a hair clip, a wedding ring, a basketball or a traditional garment from your country of origin.

A connection with Rotterdam:

You have a connection with Rotterdam: it’s where you were born, you live here now or you have temporarily lived, worked or studied in the city.

Or perhaps the object has a connection with Rotterdam: it was bought or made in the city and taken to another destination.

You are willing to donate the object or lend it to the museum for at least six months.

This is how it works

Elizar Veerman

Send an email with a short description of the object and your story (a photo, text, video or voice memo – whatever works best for you).

Not sure how to describe the object? The following questions may help you get started:

What kind of object is it? Where does it come from? Who did you get it from or did you buy it yourself? When was that? What does it mean to you? What memories does it evoke?

What can you expect next?

I will respond to your message as soon as possible. I may ask more questions by e-mail or phone and also tell you about the next steps.