In the collection: passports

In the collection: passports

Paspoort dhr. Rosenberg

A world without passports. We can’t imagine that now, but before the First World War it was perfectly normal to travel without documents.

Since ancient times, documents have existed to give individuals access to certain cities, ports or other places, but a system where everyone carries an identity document has only arisen recently.

Two special passports that are part of the FENIX collection are a Reisepass and a Nansen passport.


A passport determines, among other things, whether or not you are allowed to enter an area, what nationality you belong to and also what rights you have, such as the right to benefits or voting rights.

Within the passport system, not everyone has the same rights: for example, with a Dutch passport you can travel to 188 of the 195 countries, but only 65 of the 195 nationalities are admitted to the Netherlands without a procedure.

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