In the collection: Save Me From This Cold

In the collection: Save Me From This Cold

Portret van Selasie uit Save Me From This Cold, Martin en Inge Riebeek, 2020

The films that artist duo Martin Riebeek and Inge Riebeek make are about encounters. For more than ten years, they have been travelling to major cities on every continent. They always ask the people they meet on the street the same question: what is the essence of your life at the moment?

They film the answer, in short films consisting of a single take. Martin and Inge have already made more than 500 video portraits, in 23 different countries. Save Me From This Cold (2020) is a selection from this vast collection of portraits.

Hanneke Mantel, photography curator at FENIX, says about Save Me From This Cold: “To my mind, the portraits offer comfort and hope. They let us know we are not alone. In a few minutes, we feel that we really get to know the person in front of the camera.”

The people in the films tell of their personal search for love and the desire for security and solace. For example, Chan Pik Kiu, who fled from China to Hong Kong several times to be with her children, talks about her love for her daughters. Siouxzi Connor describes how she emigrated from Sydney to Berlin with her partner, but then chose to end the relationship. Selasie Djameh from Accra confides in us that she has lost her faith and her love for her country, and that she looks for like-minded people every day.

“I fell in love straight away. But there was a problem. He was from Hong Kong and I lived in China.”
- Chan Pik Kiu

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